Lee Sun-kyun To Step Down From His Role In “No Way Out” Amid Drug Allegations

Actor Lee Sun-kyun will drop out of the drama “No Way Out”

According to the entertainment industry on October 23rd, “No Way Out” is coordinating the details of Lee Sun-kyun’s departure from the cast. The production team contacted the actors and staff over the weekend to postpone the filming for about two weeks. Thus, the actors and staff of the movie had to adjust their schedules.

“No Way Out” first began filming in earnest last week without Lee Sun-kyun after the actor announced his position on this drug allegations on October 20th. However, it was reported that the production team eventually made the choice to exempt him from the cast because there are many scenes that need to be taken with Lee Sun-kyun and other actors had to consider the schedules. Rumor has it that the production team is discussing various options, including which actor to replace him.

Lee Sun-kyun

“No Way Out” is a mystery thriller drama about a confrontation between those who want to kill and those who want to survive amid an open murder contract that offered a reward of 20 billion won when a rare felon was released from prison.

Lee Sun-kyun plays the role of a police officer who protects citizens from a rare killer in the drama. Initially, filming of Lee Sun-kyun was scheduled to begin on October 20th.

However, the production team began an emergency meeting as the news that actor L was under internal investigation on October 19th and Lee Sun-kyun, revealed as L, expressed his position on October 20th.

Lee Sun-kyun

Meanwhile, two movies starring Lee Sun-kyun have already been filmed, and the schedule has been postponed until next year’s release. The film “Project Silence” debuted at the Cannes International Film Festival in May and originally postponed its release to the end of this year. However, due to the unusual situation in the summer and Chuseok theaters, the release was postponed to next year.

Another film starring Lee Sun-kyun, “The Country of Happiness,” was originally considered to be released before “12.12: The Day,” which deals with modern and contemporary history at a similar time period. Again, when the market situation was not good and “12.12: The Day” was first confirmed to be released in November, it was postponed to next year’s release.

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