Kim Se Jeong reveals reason she rejected “Produce 101” casting before debuting with Gugudan

Singer Kim Se Jeong talked about her appearance on audition programs

Kim Se Jeong and Lee Chae Yeon guested on the September 12th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” hosted by special MC Eric Nam.

During the special live section, Kim Se Jeong recalled her past appearances on “K-pop Star Season 2” and “Produce 101 Season 1”. She confessed, “At that time, there were cameras all over the place so I really wanted to practice sincerely. But I was also worried that I might look like a person who wants to boast about my appearance during practices on cameras”.

kim se jeong reveals reason she rejected produce 101

Lee Chae Yeon added, “I felt the same. Even if I just took a short break, I would think that I had rested too long”.

On the other hand, Eric Nam, who was discovered through “Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star 2”, shared, “I don’t know much about K-pop, so I find learning a new song every week like that so difficult”.

In the meantime, Kim Se Jeong and Lee Chae Yeon, who are former members of “Produce” idol groups, revealed that they used to think of refusing “Produce” casting.

Kim Se Jeong said, “I actually believed that I would debut with Gugudan members, so when the staff asked if I wanted to participate in ‘Produce 101’, I refused their offer”, adding “I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t joined the program”.

kim se jeong reveals reason she rejected produce 101

In the case of Lee Chae Yeon, she said, “I had already tried survival shows twice at that time so I was considering if I should challenge another one again. ‘It would hurt my pride if I didn’t get to make a debut’, I thought. However, that season of ‘Produce’ was held with Japanese trainees”, adding “I was learning Japanese at that time and my Japanese teacher said, ‘Chae Yeon is the best, this is your chance to shine’. That’s why I decided to participate in the program”.

Source: Daum

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