MIRAE’s Jang Yun-bin Found Selling Fan Gifts On Secondhand Market

On January 28th, netizen A posted on X (formerly Twitter) exposed MIRAE’s Jang Yun-bin selling gifts he received from fans on Bunjang, a secondhand market. They released proof photos and a conversation with Jang Yun-bin.

Last month, Jang Yun-bin put a brand jacket for sale on Bunjang for 150,000 won. In the description of the product, he wrote, “I bought it by myself in Japan with 270,000-280,000 won this autumn. After washing it once, the printing faded a little so I don’t wear it anymore. I’m selling it at a cheaper price”.

MIRAE Jang Yun-bin

Discovering the article, A confirmed the name of Jang Yun-bin, to whom they gave the gift, in the seller’s information. As a result, A talked directly to the seller because they wanted to check again if the seller was Jang Yun-bin. 

In response, Jang Yun-bin admitted his fault, saying “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

A then said, “You know that I like you a lot. I also want to understand this situation from my perspective and move on”. Jang Yun-bin explained, “I also had many concerns because it was the end of the year. During times like that, I often buy things I want to solve my worries. However, I couldn’t ask my parents for money, that’s why I couldn’t think straight and acted recklessly. I’m really sorry”.

In response to the post, netizens commented, “I’m shocked that it was not because he couldn’t cover living expenses, but because he wanted to enjoy shopping”, “I feel so bad for the fan who gave him the gift”, “He’s the worst. If you do that, don’t get caught”, etc.

However, some people also criticized A, saying “I understand that you are upset as a fan, but you already received an apology from him. Why are you still posting this?”.

Source: Nate

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