Song Kang and Park Min Young are comfortable around one another behind the scenes of “Forecasting Love and Weather” 

After being a bit awkward at first, Song Kang has gradually become closer to his senior Park Min Young.

The latest behind-the-scenes moments of “Forecasting Love and Weather” have made viewers excited with the intimate interactions of Song Kang and Park Min Young

Specifically, while filming the scene where Song Kang hugs Park Min Young to sleep in episode 4, the two had a rehearsal together while lying on the sofa. Song Kang also sweetly blocked the sunlight for Park Min Young and held the script for her to see. 

Many viewers have noticed that Song Kang has gotten much more comfortable interacting with his senior compared to the beginning when he was still shy. They seem to have become closer now. 

Forecasting Love and Weather” is Song Kang‘s first drama of 2022.  In 2021, the rising actor was especially hard working as he starred in Love Alarm 2, Navillera and Nevertheless. Although all the dramas he did last year did not achieve huge popularity, Song Kang still successfully became more well-known. 

As for Park Min Young, “Forecasting Love and Weather” also marks her first small screen comeback this year. With the promising viewership ratings “Forecasting Love and Weather” is getting, Park Min Young is praised for reviving the drama ratings for JTBC, alongside Son Ye Jin.

Son Ye Jin and Park Min Young successfully save JTBC from a rating slump in 2021
Son Ye Jin and Park Min Young successfully save JTBC from a rating slump in 2021 

With the drama’s engaging storyline and the two leads’ good chemistry, “Forecasting Love and Weather” has the potential to earn even higher ratings in the coming weeks. “Forecasting Love and Weather” airs every Saturday and Sunday night on JTBC and Netflix.

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