April’s former member, Lee Hyun Joo stated her position in relation to the bullying case once again, “I was sued by the members of April”

After being sued by April’s members one-by-one, Lee Hyun Joo decided to reveal additional position about the investigation of the bullying case.

On the evening of September 15, Lee Hyun Joo (former April member) posted on Instagram her position in the case.

lee hyun joo april

“Hello, this is Lee Hyun Joo.

This is neither a happy story to me and to those who have been listening to my story nor a problem that can be solved right after I’m telling you about it now, so I have tried not to mention the case as much as possible until it is over. However, a lot of people are frustrated with the current situation and have been telling me that they want me to share more. Therefore, I’m writing this letter with lots of worries.

About the current situation, the case in which I, my family, and my acquaintances are being involved in, I’m trying to submit as much information that I can find as possible. Even after I posted my statement, more people sued me, and the case has been getting more complicated.

I will briefly explain the progress of the case. The police decided not to send my younger brother to the case of defamation. However, the complainant objected to the decision, so the prosecutors have continued to proceed with the complaint.

In addition, the defamation complaint against my 1st friend was rejected. The complainant objected to the decision, but that friend was not prosecuted.

In the case of my 2nd friend, he/she has been investigated by the police in a case of defamation complaint and is waiting for the result.

I was further sued by DSP on the charge of obstructing business. The police held an investigation and then decided not to send the case to the prosecutors.

Member A of April is working with the police after she sued me for defamation through law firm B.

April’s member C is also in the police stage after suing me with defamation through law firm D.

lee hyun joo april

It is true that many problems occurred in the middle of the investigations and it also cost me a lot… I’m cooperating with the investigation faithfully so that I ươuld be able to respond to people who are still supporting me more boldly with good results.

Moreover, I will tell more about the things that a lot of people have requested. Regarding the cross-examination, I have never refused any cross-examination and was not requested for any cross-examination related to the case that was rejected. 

In the case of the medical records, I’m sorry, but I have to say that I don’t want to publicize them because these are sensitive things and they are too provocative. Please understand that I have submitted everything to the investigation agency. Therefore, after the investigation is done, I will let you know the result.

The accusations from April’s members’ parents were not directly related to the complaint against me, my younger brother, and my friends, so I didn’t submit them to any of the investigations. It is true that my family and I were hurt a lot receiving those texts. However, looking back at them, I think their parents were just expressing their feelings. Therefore, I didn’t reveal them. However, if the members of April altogether request me to do so, I will not worry about my wondering of its necessity anymore.

During the incident of the tumbler, my grandmother was in poor condition and has passed away. During the time when I had to live in the dorm, I couldn’t visit her often, so she gave me the tumbler. It was a precious thing to me, and that’s why I always carried it with me.

In the case of a non-prosecution decision against my younger brother, all the evidence and citation precedents were deleted and disclosed. My lawyer told me that if the evidence was released without knowing who the complainant was, it could be disadvantageous to me because I was to see the evidence in advance if there is someone who is thinking of filing an additional complaint. It is to disclose the decision to show that the police admitted the bullying case and that DSP’s press statement was different from the facts. For those who are not familiar with the format of the investigative agency’s decision, the investigators also considered that the details of evidence and cited precedents could provide another controversial issue. In addition, the complainant can also check the non-prosecution decision, so if the complainant deems it necessary, he will be able to disclose the full text at any time. Therefore, in the process, we will be able to check who the complainant is.

It’s been a while, but it’s still quite burdensome and difficult for me to tell you everything. Moreover, thanks to those who care about me that I was able to come this far. Therefore, I think I will be able to do well in the future. Thank you very much for trusting and supporting me and my family. Time has already passed, and autumn has come. I hope the case will be over soon, and I can greet you with happier stories.”

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