Lee Hyun Joo (Former April’s member) explained the controversy over her false advertising, “I’m sorry for causing inconvenience”

A former member of April, Lee Hyun Joo, recently posted an explanation to clarify her false advertising controversy.

april Lee Hyun joo 95263 3
april Lee Hyun joo 95263 4

On August 29, Lee Hyun Joo uploaded a post regarding the false advertisement on her Instagram. She said, “I apologize for causing confusion to you due to the pictures I posted on Instagram”

In explaining the controversy, Lee Hyun Joo said, “I planned to upload the products with advertisement tags as Youtube ads separately. To avoid misunderstandings, I marked them as advertisements in advance. Except for those, the other products with sponsors tags were just gifts that I received. I wanted to express my gratitude to the sponsors, so I posted the pictures and added the item tags.”

In the end, she apologized, “I had little experience in tagging so I’m really sorry for causing inconvenience.”

Previously, Lee Hyun Joo posted photos with luxury products on her Instagram. After a while, she edited the posts with tags such as #ad or #sponsor, making netizens suspect that she did false advertising.

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