This most hated K-drama protagonist unveils striking aesthetics and hidden charm in real life

Bitch X Rich” has piqued viewers’ interest since day one and has become one of the most talked-about dramas recently. It centers on Lee Eun Saem, a girl from with a poor background but manages to be admitted to an elite school after an accident. Despite being a protagonist, Kim Hye In cannot gain viewers’ sympathy as she frequently blames external circumstances for what goes wrong in her life. Whereas Kim Hye In is forgettable, Lee Eun Saem intrigues the audience with an unique style in real life.

lee eum saem
Kim Hye In, played by Lee Eun Saem, is written in a way that makes her obnoxious and forgettable, which bugs viewers throughout the series
lee eum saem
Lee Eun Saem boasts an attractive style. She gives off strong energy and conveys an athletic style. The actress also does not shy away from bright-colored hairstyles
Lee Eun Saem
Actress Lee’s motto is the more striking, the better. She favors combining contrasting colors to create a sharp image, rather than neutral ones that promote minimalism 

Source: k14

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