Suho’s representative works: From “Growl” to “Behind Your Touch”

Suho established himself as an actor in 2023 with the drama “Behind Your Touch”

During an interview for JTBC’s “Behind Your Touch” held at SM Entertainment’s office building in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on Oct 4th, Suho expressed his affection for the drama, “This work is one of the filmographies I want to brag about for the rest of my life.

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“Behind Your Touch” is about a veterinarian with psychometric powers, and a hot-blooded detective who find themselves in the midst of a dangerous criminal investigation while solving minor crime cases in a small town in Mujin, Chungcheong-do. It recorded the highest viewership rating of 9.6% (based on Nielsen Korea’s nationwide paid households) and ended on Oct 1st.

Suho said, “I felt both pressure and excitement because it’s my first project after military service. I’m proud to have successfully completed the work.”

In the drama, Suho played Kim Seon-woo, a mysterious convenience store worker. His handsome appearance made Bong Ye-bun (Han Ji-min) fall in love at first sight, but his suspicious actions that could lead to suspicion of being a serial killer added tension to the drama.


Director Kim Seok-yoon, who had kept an eye on Suho for a long time, discovered a mysterious charm in him that matched Seon-woo. Suho, who was a fan of director Kim Seok-yoon enough to choose “My Liberation Notes” as his favorite work, accepted the offer to appear without even reading the script.

However, playing the mysterious Seon-woo was not easy. Suho had to overcome his concerns to portray a character who was out of the ordinary.

When I first tried to play Seon-woo, I was afraid. If I didn’t express him properly, he wouldn’t be a suspicious character but just a strange person. Still, I put a lot of effort into portraying Seon-woo, paying attention to his footsteps, tone of voice and gaze.”

Source: Daum

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