Reason The Public Loves Han So-hee: Her Sincere Attitudes Towards Smoking, Tattoo & Plastic Surgery Rumors

Actress Han So-hee is so well-loved by the public thanks to her confidence and honesty

Making her debut in 2017 through the drama “Reunited Worlds”, Han So-hee made her face and name known after starring in several popular dramas, such as “Money Flower”, “100 Days My Prince”, and “The World of the Married”. After that, she emerged as a popular actress and has been taking on leading roles in dramas of different genres, such as “Nevertheless”, “My Name”, Soundtrack #1”, and “Gyeongseong Creature”.

Apart from her excellent acting, the public is also impressed by her sincerity and confident charm. In particular, instead of avoiding controversies, she boldly faces them by honestly expressing her position and feelings.

han so hee

When “The World of the Married” became a hit drama, Han So-hee’s past when she was active as a model was re-examined and everyone was shocked to see photos of her biting a cigarette and having tattoos. In this regard, Han So-hee confessed, “The appearance at that time was mine, and the current appearance is also mine. There is no difference in my thoughts back then and now. I realized that there were restrictions as I began doing this job. The current me is just the result of the process of adapting to the environment. It was taken only 3-4 years ago. I’m fine with it. I think female fans really liked that aspect of me.”

Recently, she also expressed her firm stance regarding plastic surgery rumors. Through a solitary chat room, Han So-hee said, “I’m worried because my nose is still swelling after the rhinitis surgery. Everyone, I didn’t do it. I never tried to make my nose look higher or things like that. My nose was a little bent. I could only breathe through one nostril and had some nasal issues, so I straightened it. That’s why my nose looks higher now”, adding “My nose was originally high, but over time, it started to bend and the tip of my nose went down. I only restored the original state. What’s rhinitis surgery? It’s restoring. It means I may get nasal issues again but I’m grateful that I’m able to breathe with both nostrils now.”

han so hee

In addition, the actress often expressed her love for fans straightforwardly. She shared, “Thanks to my fans who have been strongly enduring various things caused by the immature me, I’m able to live without stress and try many things I want to do. I won’t take your love for granted and will never ignore your affection for me.”

Having a pretty visual, good acting skill, a sincere personality and confidence, Han So-hee is considered one of the “wannabe icons of MZ Generation”. 

Source: Daum

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