Expected photos of Song Joong Ki’s children at 2 years old revealed on doctor show

A TV show with doctors analyzed the expected appearances of Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders’ children. 

On the February 6th episode of the tvN program “Free Doctor”, the hottest entertainment issue of “Song Joong Ki‘s marriage & dissection of his children” was discussed. 

On this day, a reporter from the entertainment department said, “Song Joong Ki’s personality is a manly style. He is honest and does not hide it.  He was in a relationship for about 3 years, but he didn’t reveal it from the beginning. Instead, when he revealed it, he appeared in front of his girlfriend’s house without hiding.”

song joong ki

At the same time, professionals on the show revealed the expected appearances of Song Joong Ki’s children at 2 years old. 

In particular, they released synthesized images by combining features of Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders, who are both famous for their visuals. 

Here, the son in the expected photo has Song Joong Ki’s big, round eyes and sincere-looking image. Meanwhile, the daughter resembles Katy, bearing her distinct features, as well as liveliness and cheerfulness.

Katy Louise Saunders

Of course, the photos are likely to be different from the actual face of a 2-year-old, because they  integrate the facial features of Katy and Song Joong Ki and adjust them to the ratio of a child.

Meanwhile, on January 30th, Song Joong Ki directly reported the news of his remarriage through his official fan cafe, made a pledge to spend his life with Katy, and announced his wife’s pregnancy.

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On the other hand, Katy Louise Saunders made her debut with a role in the 2002 film “A Journey Called Love” and mainly appeared in Italian films and TV series.

In 2011, she played the lead role in the drama “Non smettere di sognare”, which aired on Italian terrestrial channel Canale 5. She even filmed a CF with Hollywood star George Clooney, but has gone on a hiatus since 2018.

Source: wikitree

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