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Kim Hee-chul Explained Why He Is Nicknamed “Kim Condom”

Kim Hee-chul talked about his nickname ‘Kim Condom’

On November 13, a video was posted on the YouTube channel Chopchop titled “Kim Hee-chul, an icon of an absolute safe male friend EP.2.”

In this video, host Lee Hye-young asked the Kim Hee-chul, “Why did you break up with your girlfriend?” The singer looked panicked and said, “How can I answer this?”

Lee Hye-young then said, “Aren’t you nicknamed Kim Condom? Are you really “safe” for girls to hang out with?”

Kim Hee-chul

The idol answered, “I’m safe (trustable) for my friends. If I say I’m friends with Ji Ye-eun, I really don’t have any bad intentions towards her.”

Lee Hye-young said, “How do you decide who can become your girlfriend? “Are girls with a big chest the right girls?” Kim Hee-chul was shocked by the question. Lee Hye-young asked again, “Is there any chance that your female friend becomes your girlfriend?” and he replied, “That has never happened.”

Lee Hye-young said, “What if your female friend has (plastic) surgery?” Kim looked panicked and said, “Her heart is the standard, not the size of her chest. Whether she cares about others matters. If all three friends are single, a real friend can carry the others and just leave her in bed and leave. There are a lot of times I did that. If my friend catches me doing that, they will ask, ‘Are you crazy?”

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