Han Hye-jin and Park Ha-sun Praising Im Soo-hyang’s Sexiness, “If I were a man, I’d get her number”

Actresses Han Hye-jin and Park Ha-sun complemented Im Soo-hyang’s appearance

In the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House,” which will air on the afternoon of October 18th, actresses Han Hye-jin, Park Ha-sun and Im Soo-hyang, who recently had a comeback with the play “The Sea Village Diary,” came as guests.

In the recent recording, Im Soo-hyang received a compliment relay from Han Hye-jin and Park Ha-sun, and was envied by her co-stars. Park Ha-sun said, “Soo-hyang turned out to be very sexy, and if I were a man, I would have gotten her number right away,” showing her love for the sexy charm of the youngest Im Soo-hyang.

Im Soo-hyang

Han Hye-jin also praised the body of Im Soo-hyang, saying, “I want to have Soo-hyang’s body,” acknowledging the doll-like beauty of the youngest.

Im Soo-hyang even revealed the secret for her flawless skin, drawing attention by saying, “I put on a mask pack every morning. I put it in the refrigerator to keep it cool, but I sometimes go to the shop with the pack attached from home,” she said, surprising everyone.

She drew everyone’s laughter by saying, “But sometimes when I put on a pack and run into neighbors in the elevator, they are surprised by my appearance, so I stay in the corner as much as I can and get into the car quickly.”

The stories of Im Soo-hyang, Han Hye-jin, and Park Ha-sun can be found on KBS 2’s “Problem Child in House,” which will air at 8:30 p.m. on October 18th (KST).

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