“Please express your condolences”… Internet platforms in Korea and overseas are also mourning Itaewon disaster victims 

Online platforms in Korea and overseas have also joined the memorial wave for the victims of the Itaewon disaster since October 31st.

Naver posted a memorial ribbon at the top of its mobile and website main page with the phrase “We express our deep condolences”.

The latest articles related to the Itaewon disaster, the memorial bulletin board, and live news reports can be found on the first page of Naver Mobile.

itaewon stampede naver

On the memorial bulletin board, people don’t write separate posts but add their memorial ribbons by pressing the button. As of 2:37 p.m, more than 404,000 people have participated. 

Kakao is also highlighting ‘TV News Special Reports”, “Real-time News”, and “Memorial Bulletin Board” on the view tabs of NOW, Daum, and Kakaotalk.

itaewon stampede kakaotalk

In order to prevent secondary damage or the spread of hate, Kakao memorial bulletin board only allows people to join the mourning by writing only the phrase “May the deceased rest in peace”. There are currently over 33,000 comments.

Viva Republica, the operator of mobile financial service Toss, also posted a picture of the national flower on SNS on the afternoon of October 31st together with condolences for the victims of the Itaewon disaster and comforting words for the deceased’s families and injured people. 

itaewon stampede toss

An official at Toss said, “During the mourning period, Toss will avoid making market posts, as well as functional and marketing push notices on Toss app”.

Twitter also created the “Latest Updates on Itaewon Accident” tab in its Explore feature. From this tab, people can check the news related to the Itaewon disaster posted on the official accounts and media sites operated by the government.

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Google, the world’s largest portal site, also pinned the icon showing condolences under its search box. 

In addition, Google’s video platform Youtube also highlights credible content and deletes videos and photos that violate “community guides” by spreading false information about the Itaewon disaster. They explained that it was to reduce the spread of content that was about to violate policies and harmful misinformation. 

itaewon stampede nate

Nate also opened a “Memorial to the Victims of the Itaewon Disaster” page at the top of its main page later on the same day. Nate’s memorial bulletin board also lets people write only the phrase “We sincerely mourn the victims” to prevent secondary damage and the spread of hate.

itaewon stampede g-star 2022

In addition, Korea’s game company Nexon also postponed the G-STAR 2022 preview meeting, which was scheduled to be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 2nd of November. 

Source: Daum

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