BLACKPINK’s Rosé Praised For Her Reaction Upon Seeing Fans Falling Over At Airport

BLACKPINK’s Rosé drew admiration from netizens with her reaction to an unexpected situation at the airport recently

On the morning of February 25th, Rosé left for her overseas schedules in Paris via Incheon International Airport. 

As soon as Rosé arrived at the airport, a lot of fans and reporters flocked to her place. They also followed the BLACKPINK member when she entered the airport. During the process, a fan suddenly stumbled.

Due to the incident, some fans screamed and Rosé also noticed it. Surprised by the issue, the female idol immediately stopped walking and tried to reach out to the fans in worries. 

The bodyguards tried to control the situation by shouting out loud, “Please stop”, “Don’t push”, “It’s dangerous. Please move away”, etc. Rosé stood still and looked at the fan. After confirming that the fan was okay and the scene had been well managed, she continued moving inside. 

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Several fans and reporters who came to the airport that day captured the scene in their cameras and shared videos online, arousing keen interest from netizens.

Watching the videos, netizens commented, “Rosé waited until the fan got up and asked if they were okay”, “Rosé is so kind”, “What a chaotic scene. Rosé is so sweet”, “Please keep a safe distance”, “Rosé, be careful”, “I hope you guys don’t come too close to Rosé”, “It’s more worrying to see people continue filming videos even when someone was falling next to them”, “Even when she was struggling to walk, Rosé was still worried about her fan. She’s such a warmhearted person”, “How serious it was when the fan tripped that made Rosé stop walking?”, etc.

Meanwhile, Rosé recently released her solo song “vampirehollie” on her personal account with the caption, “I’m gonna give u a small gift”, in celebration of her birthday. She continued, “You guys must have been curious about my whereabouts because you haven’t heard any news from me for a while, but I wanted to return with a better way this year so I had been working very hard. I will try to come back with a better appearance this year”, raising fans’ expectations for her upcoming activities. 

Rosé added, “Now it’s time for you to give me a gift in return”, then asked fans to suggest a fandom name. This proves that the female idol is preparing for her solo activities, not BLACKPINK promotions.

Source: Daum

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