BLACKPINK’s Rosé in Paris: Tipsy On White Wine, 2 Years Younger Due to Laughing

Rosé of BLACKPINK had a delightful time in Paris, as revealed in a recent vlog

On December 1, BLACKPINK’s Rosé published a vlog filmed in Paris on her YouTube channel “Rosesarerosie”. The video captured moments from Rosé’s visit to Paris during Fashion Week in September.

In the video, Rosé immediately visited the Eiffel Tower upon arriving in Paris, praising the beauty of the landmark as she took various certification shots.

Rosé can also be seen enjoying delicious food like sandwiches and pasta. With white wine accompanying her meal, she expressed that her food and wine go well together and mentioned that she’s getting tipsy on white wine. 

Later in the video, Rosé visited Disneyland. Playfully wearing Mickey Mouse ears, she explored various parts of Disneyland, enjoying a happy time. While wandering through the amusement park, Rosé marveled, “Disneyland in Paris is one-fifth the size of Paris. It’s really big”.

blackpink rose

The following day, Rosé returned to “work mode” and tried on various outfits for a fashion show. Standing at the fashion show venue, she emitted her unique charisma, capturing attention.

Afterward, Rosé met with Jisoo. Engaging in a cheerful conversation with Jisoo, Rosé exclaimed, “Feel like my body age would’ve become younger. Feel like I got younger by about 2 years. I laughed so much, I’m going to live long because of last night.”

Source: Daum

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