Wanna One members (except for Lai Kuan-lin) to have a reunion at 2021 MAMA

Wanna One will gather at the K-pop Music Awards 2021 Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS (2021 MAMA). 

On November 15th, “2021 MAMA” announced that Wanna One, which was loved by domestic and foreign music fans due to its explosive popularity at the time of its activities, and theStreet Woman Fighter crew, which has become the talk of the town this year, will perform on the 2021 MAMA stage.

Wanna One 2021 MAMA
Wanna One 2021 MAMA

2021 MAMA” raised fans’ expectations by saying, “We will prepare for a special performance that will excite music fans.” It is reported that a total of 10 members will join the stage, except for Lai Kuan-lin, who is working outside of Korea.

Wanna One made its debut with the support of global fandom and became a million seller with its debut album, and sold out Gocheok Dome for its debut concert. During the group’s one-and-a-half-year career, it won about 100 trophies at various music broadcasts and awards ceremonies, and since then, Wanna One has set various new records, including eight Gocheok Dome concerts and a total of 350,000 performances in 14 cities around the world.

Wanna One 2021 MAMA

Wanna One is expected to meet fans around the world through the 2021 MAMA for the first time in about two years and perform a more powerful and energetic stage. Another special stage star is the “Street Woman Fighter” crew. At 2021 MAMA, another legendary stage is expected to be held based on the ripple effect of the Korean dance crews known worldwide through the show “Street Woman Fighter.”

Meanwhile, “2021 MAMA,” which will be broadcast live around the world from 18:00 Korea Standard Time (KST) on December 11, drew keen attention by appointing Lee Hyo-ri, a representative artist who shares the history and present of K-POP, as the first female host in MAMA history.

2021 MAMA plans to showcase the event under the concept of “MAKE SOME NOISE,” which allows people to respect each other’s values without prejudice beyond the walls of the country, race, and generation using the language of KPOP, and experience the power of music that unites the world.

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