“She got in trouble while filming Ko Yu-rim…” Sightings of Kim Tae-ri, who went to see WJSN’s concert, are spreading rapidly

The sightings of actress Kim Tae-ri, who visited girl group WJSN’s concert, attracted netizens’ attention.

On June 11th, the sightings of Kim Tae-ri, who came to see WJSN‘s concert, were uploaded on Twitter and the online community theqoo.

kim tae ri wjsn concert

Kim Tae-ri previously appeared in the drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” with Bona, a member of WJSN.

According to eyewitness accounts, Kim Tae-ri waved her hands from beginning to end. Whenever Bona appeared, she cheered for Bona by shouting “Ko Yu-rim, Kim Ji-yeon”.

In addition, while filming Bona, she was blocked by security, giving laughter to the audience around her. After the concert, WJSN member Exy posted a picture taken with Kim Tae-ri on Instagram story.

Netizens who saw Kim Tae-ri’s sightings left comments such as “It’s cute” and “It’s so funny that she swings her arms.”

kim tae ri

Source: wikitree

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