Park Jin-young Talks About His Father, “I Cried A Lot When I Knew He Had Alzheimer’s Disease”

JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin-young revealed anecdotes about his father, who was like his best friend

On November 1st, Park Jin-young guested on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” with HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, a close brother who made music with him in his 20s, and revealed various stories.

During the broadcast, Park Jin-young said, “When I was in school, I really loved dancing. So I asked my parents to let me go to the club for 2 hours after school”, adding “Later, I wondered why my parents allowed me to do that, so I asked them”.

Park Jin-young

After becoming an adult, Park Jin-young asked his father about that. In response, Park Jin-young’s father said, “It’s not like we have a philosophy or something like that. We just let you do it because you were eating too much”.

Regarding his parents, the witty son Park Jin-young said, “I grew up thinking of my mom as a sister and my dad as a friend”, drawing laughter.

With great support from his parents, Park Jin-young challenged many things and faced a lot of failures, but in the end, he also succeeded. Making headlines with his plastic pants in collage, Park Jin-young made his debut with the hit song “Don’t Leave Me” and showcased his capabilities as a producer after establishing JYP Entertainment at the age of 24. 

Park Jin-young

Park Jin-young confessed, “My dad has Alzheimer’s disease and he’s now in the last stage”, adding, ”My dad was a family man. He doesn’t have many friends and never drinks or smokes. He was my best friend. We could share everything with each other”.

Revealing that he recognized symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease during a meal, Park Jin-young said, “I ate with my dad then came out to the living. Later, he told me, ‘Let’s eat’. I just finished eating. I realized that there was something weird about my dad for the first time. That day, I cried while driving all the way from Ilsan to my house in Guri”, revealing his painful memory.

Accordingly, Alzheimer’s disease has gradually progressed and Park Jin-young’s father cannot recognize his son anymore. The JYP CEO said, “One day, when no one was in the hospital room, I said to my dad, ‘Dad, I became a good person and I’m doing well thanks to you’. For a moment, he suddenly replied, ‘What did I do? It’s because you’re already good’, as if he was conscious for a moment. That was the last normal answer I heard from him.

Source: Daum

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