iKON’s Koo Jun-hoe confirms to work with Jo Byung-gyu in ‘Even If I Die Once Again’

iKON’s Koo Jun-hoe has been cast in the movie ‘Even If I Die Once Again’ (working title).

On Oct 18, YG Entertainment announced that Koo Jun-hoe will appear in the movie ‘Even If I Die Once Again’.

iKON Koo Jun Hoe

‘Even If I Die Once Again’ tells the story of a stuntman in his 40s who dreamed of becoming an actor. Due to an accident, he returns to his high school days and gets a chance to think about his dream again. In ‘Even If I Die Once Again’, Koo Jun-hoe will take on the role of Bong-gyun – an attractive, cool but insconstant high school student. Bong-gyun lives and dies by loyalty, and is an old friend who attended the same school with Woo-seok (played by Jo Byung-gyu).

iKON Koo Jun Hoe

Koo Jun-hoe is expected to not only breathe fresh vitality into the film based on his unique trendy visual and energy, but also show extraordinary close chemistry with other characters. Koo Jun-hoe has been receiving love as a vocalist of iKON, the idol group that produced numerous hit songs such as ‘My Type’, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, ‘Why Why Why’… Therefore, fans are paying keen attention to what kind of performance he will show on the screen.

‘Even If I Die Once Again’ is about to start filming this month. It is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Source: Daum

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