The “little angel” once coddled by G-Dragon: Where is she now?

Once a cute star on “The Return Of Superman”, Choo Sarang now boasts a surprising appearance. 

Alongside the iconic trio Daehan – Minguk – Mansae, Choo Sarang was also a “little angel” that earned a lot of love from viewers of “The Return Of Superman”. Born in 2011 as the daughter of MMA martial artist/judo athlete Choo Sung Hoon and the top Japanese model Yano Shiho, Choo Sarang seems to have inherited her father’s strong personality, and her mother’s femininity.

choo sarang

When she appeared on “The Return Of Superman”, Sarang was only 3 years old, yet extremely cute with her chubby face and hilarious expressions. Sarang can also speak both Korean and Japanese due to her bilingual family, and was a “superstar” both in and outside of Korea.

choo sarang
Choo Sarang won over a lot of hearts when she starred in “The Return Of Superman”

On the other hand, a lot of Kpop fans may find themselves envious of Sarang, seeing that she’s coddled by various top stars, such as Bi Rain, SNSD, G-Dragon (BIGBANG), and more. 

choo sarang g-dragon
Sarang is a huge fan of G-Dragon

After leaving “The Return Of Superman”, Choo Sarang, alongside her family, has moved to Hawaii in 2018, and part of her life here was unveiled via the TV program “Live All Year”. In particular, Sarang and her parents reside in an extremely luxurious villa with a home cinema, and she also enrolled in an extremely expensive private school in Hawaii. 

choo sarang
choo sarang
Choo Sarang and her family moved to Hawaii in 2018

Now, Sarang is 11 years old, and often models for her mother’s fashion brand. She also seems to have inherited her mother’s beauty and ideal proportions, and her cuteness only grows overtime. 

choo sarang
Sarang is now 11 years old
choo sarang
In a recent photoshoot, Choo Sarang posed in front of the camera like a true professional 
choo sarang
She also drew attention after appearing in a press conference with her father 

Source: K14

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