The famous trio “Jumong” Song Il Gook, where are they now? 

Gaining vast popularity from “The Return Of Superman”, The whereabouts of “Nation’s Babies” are the curiosity of many.

“The Return Of Superman” is a famous television show when the main characters in the show are the children of Korean stars. When it first aired, actor II Gook’s triplets received the most attention. The loveliness of the three “Nation’s Babies” Daehan Minguk Manse once made TV audiences melt.

the return of superman
The legendary trio of “The Return Of Superman”

In the first aired episode, the “Jumong” star recounted his wife’s hardship of giving birth to the tripleta. He said that before the babies were born, his wife was advised to abort one baby to avoid risks during labor. Despite the doctor’s advice, Song II Gook and his wife still did not give up any chance on any of the three brothers. Fortunately, their personal judgment resulted in the birth of three healthy babies.

After participating in “The Return Of Superman”, the trio Daehan, Minguk, and Manse became famous child stars throughout Asia, receiving many advertising contracts. Moreover, the skillful way of teaching children of the Korean actor was also followed by parents across the country. Even the famous Korean child psychologist Son Suk Han praised Song II Gook.

the return of superman
Thanks to “The Return Of Superman”, the Song Il Gook and his son gained pan-Asian popularity 

When Daehan, Minguk, and Manse were older, Song II Gook decided to withdraw from “The Return of Superman” to protect his children’s privacy and freedom and avoid further scrutiny. The actor also once wondered that popularity would cause the three brothers to face many difficulties, and deprive them of their innocence.

the return of superman

Having left the program for a long time, the hotness of the famous trio of children remains the same. Daehan, Minguk and Manse still receive great attention from fans on social media. Looking at the current photo of the trio, many viewers were surprised. Currently, the “legendary trio” are 10 years old, growing taller than friends of the same age. Only in 4th grade, all three show an impressive height, with the eldest Daehan being 1m54 tall, Minguk 1m53 tall and Manse 1m52 tall. The looks of all three are no longer exactly the same as when they were on “The Return Of Superman”.

the return of superman

In recent years, Daehan, Minguk and Manse have moved with their parents to France to continue their studies, but occasionally return to Korea to visit their relatives. At times, Song II Gook will still allow his three sons to participate in meaningful activities such as advertising for charity projects or events as long as it does not affect their studies.

the return of superman
Daehan – Minguk – Manse have reached 10 years old with outstanding heights compared to their peers 

Image: The Return Of Superman, Fanpage Daehan – Minguk – Manse

Source: K14

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