BTS Jungkook’s new cooking recipe after “Bulgeuri”

BTS Jungkook revealed a new cooking recipe with his own tips.

On April 25th, after doing a livestream, Jungkook uploaded a post on the fan community Weverse under the title “Buldak mayo perilla oil makguksu”.

The ingredients for buldak mayo perilla oil makguksu, which Jungkook makes once a day, are perilla oil, cham sauce, buldak sauce, buldak mayo sauce, egg yolk and minced garlic/chili powder.

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Jungkook explained, “Mix everything together and your sauce is complete. If you need to make a bigger portion, multiply all of that by two. Boil as much of the buckwheat noodles as you want to eat. Then wash out the starch in cold water and toss the noodles to drain them well. Pour as much sauce as you want over the noodles. Add seasoned seaweed flakes, and that’s it.

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Jungkook’s live broadcast recorded 6.7 million viewers and received enthusiastic responses.

After Jungkook’s personal live broadcast, “JUNGKOOK LIVE” and “Jungkookie” topped worldwide trends on Twitter, proving his overwhelming popularity and topicality.


At around 6 AM, “Perilla oil makguksu”, “Makguksu recipe”, “Our Jungkookie”, “Buldak sauce” and “JUNGKOOK LIVE” ranked No.1, No.5, No.9, No.12 and No.14 in Korea’s real-time trends. Besides, keywords such as “JUNGKOOK LIVE”, “Jungkookie”, “Our Jungkookie”, “Perilla oil makguksu”, “Makguksu recipe”, “Buldak sauce” and “#Jungkook” ranked high in real-time trends in 155 countries.

Source: Wikitree, Nate

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