Jung Woo Sung posted ‘marriage certificate’ on SNS but it turns out to be a movie promotional billboard

Actor Jung Woo Sung showed a witty promotional billboard for the upcoming movie “A Man of Reason”.

On July 16th, Jung Woo Sung posted a photo of a promotional billboard for the movie “A Man of Reason (Guardian)” with laughing emoticons in his caption.

Jung Woo-sung

The phrase on the billboard says, “Marriage registration. Husband Jung Woo Sung. Director Jung Woo Sung, will you become my guardian?”. 

Seeing the photo on Jung Woo Sung’s Instagram, netizens commented, “Geniuses. The people in charge of marketing and planning are amazing”, “I can’t wait to watch the movie”, “I hope it becomes a big hit”, etc., showing support for “A Man of Reason”.

Jung Woo-sung

Set to premiere on August 15th, “A Man of Reason” is Jung Woo Sung’s directorial debut. Despite not being produced by one of the four major movie distribution companies in Korea, the film still draws keen attention as it was directed by Jung Woo Sung. Starring Jung Woo Sung, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Joon Han, Park Sung Woong, and Park Yu Na, the movie centers around the revenge of the main character Soo Hyuk (Jung Woo Sung), who wants to leave his criminal organization after completing his 10-year imprisonment and live a normal life, as his daughter gets kidnapped by a killer. 

Jung Woo-sung

With “A Man of Reason”, Jung Woo Sung received Halekulani Career Achievement Award at the 42nd Hawaiʻi International Film Festival held on November 13th last year. Receiving the award, he said, “I will work harder to make films that represent the shining moments of Korean culture and showcase better acting”.

On July 12th, “A Man of Reason” released character still cuts for Kim Nam Gil and Park Yu Na. Kim Nam Gil takes on the role of Woo Jin, a problem solver with a 100% success rate who is hired by the organization’s second-in-command Sung Joon (Kim Joon Han) to follow Soo Hyuk.

Holding a weapon with a serious expression in his hideout, Kim Nam Gil in the poster exudes a strange tension and stimulates fans’ curiosity about the incidents he will face.

Kim Nam-gil Park Yuna

Meanwhile, the role of Jin Ah, Woo Jin’s partner and a bomb expert, is played by Park Yu Na, who left a strong impression on viewers with her performance in JTBC’s drama “SKY Castle”. The posters show Jin Ah riding a motorcycle and making bombs to protect Woo Jin.

Source: Wikitree

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