Rosé Revealed New Song Yet Not Only Exposed Her Private Account But Also Hint At Dating Rumor with Suzy

Rosé (BLACKPINK) is said to have accidentally revealed her private account.

On her birthday (11/2), Rosé (BLACKPINK) dedicated a 20-second audio clip of a new song she composed herself to her fans. The song was written by her last year and temporarily titled Vampirehollie. However, fans quickly discovered that the title of this song also seemed to be the name of Rosé’s private Instagram account.

blackpink rose new song
The new song title composed by Rosé is Vampirehollie.
blackpink rose
And the Instagram account named Vampirehollie is said to be Rosé’s private account.

According to that, the Vampirehollie account has some familiar accounts following it, such as Rosé’s sister, staff, her manager at YG, or some YGX dancers… The coincidence between the song title Rosé revealed and this account name further convinces fans that Vampirehollie is indeed Rosé’s private account.

On the other hand, “Vampirehollie” also drew attention as it once raised suspicions of being Suzy’s “type”. Specifically, at the end of 2023, Rosé’s private account became a topic of attention on social media.

Especially, a clip was uploaded featuring an interview with Suzy from 9 years ago when she was asked about her ideal type. In response to this question, Suzy said it was a “Sexy and bad vampire”.

It is worth noting that “hollie” carries the meaning of a beautiful, charming, and seductive girl. When combined, “Vampirehollie” also refers to a seductive, charming vampire. This led to many posts speculating that “Vampirehollie” is Suzy’s “type”.

Suzy’s answer when asked about her ideal type was widely shared at the end of 2023.

Rosé and Suzy once caused a stir online with dating rumors in mid-2020. At that time, Korean netizens were abuzz with evidence of their relationship, such as “lovestagram” posts from the two artists. Many coincidences, even seemingly unbelievable details, were dissected and speculated upon by netizens.

However, it was just rumors. Netizens quickly argued against and asserted that everything was just a coincidence because both of them are famous, so having similar schedules abroad is not unusual.

Suzy Rose
Rosé and Suzy were once rumored to be dating when seen sitting together on a flight.
Suzy Rose
Traveling to the same destination.
Suzy Rose
Or even wearing couple items
suzy rosé
However, many people opposed this rumor, claiming that it was all just a coincidence and that both of them had never interacted with each other.

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