G-Dragon liked a photo of him and BLACKPINK Jennie amid V and Jennie’s dating rumors?

BIGBANG G-Dragon allegedly pressed “Like” on a post that showed him and BLACKPINK Jennie together in the past. 

Recently, a netizen, who is a fan of G-Dragon and Jennie, posted a photo of the BIGBANG leader and the BLACKPINK member together on their Instagram. 


Afterwards, the netizen posted another photo showing G-Dragon’s account as one of the people who liked the photo, claiming, “I never tagged G-Dragon, but he liked my post”. 

Netizens who heard of the news started to show mixed reactions, writing comments like, “Why did G-Dragon suddenly like a post with Jennie?”, “He must have pressed like by mistake?”, “Are you lying?”, “I’m tired of you guys monitoring celebrities’ every move”, and “Does this having anything to do with Jennie and V’s dating rumors?”


Jennie and G-Dragon were said to be dating in the past, but netizens speculated that they have broken up following dating rumors of Jennie and BTS member V.

However, G-Dragon has never confirmed nor denied any of his dating rumors, though he was suspected of having dated Japanese models Kiko Mizuhara and Nana Komatsu, but even at the time, he did not deny or acknowledge it.


On the other hand, Jennie is being caught in suspicions of a romantic relationship with BTS V, but both agencies has so far maintained their silence. 

Source: Nate

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