ITZY Ryujin, from a mischievous kid who puts chopsticks in her nose to a famous Kpop idol

There are stars who have proven their unique looks from birth by releasing past photos of themselves. In these photos, stars often reveal their youthful appearances with bright eyes and perfect features just as they are now, bringing joy to fans.

itzy ryujin

Among them, attention is being focused on idols who made fans laugh by revealing unusual photos of the past, and IZTY Ryujin is among one of them. 

Recently, in various online communities, several photos of Ryujin, a member of girl group ITZY, as a child were released and attracted attention.

itzy ryujin

In the photos, Ryujin boasts pretty eyes with double eyelids, mouth corners, and plump cheeks, creating a lovely atmosphere just like in the present.

What drew the most attention, however, was Ryujin’s mischievous behavior and expression. When the female idol was young, she put her chopsticks in both nostrils and looked at the camera with a puzzled look.

ryujin itzy

In addition, she exuded a lively charm by opening her mouth wide or making humorous facial expressions.

At the time, Ryujin’s signature pose was extremely cute with her tongue slightly sticking out as if teasing. 

The appearance of cute Ryujin with her fluffy perm hair also captures people’s eyes. It was a “perfect” hairstyle for the bright and cheerful Ryujin. 

It seems that Ryujin has been showing off her natural talent and expressive face in front of the camera since a young age. She grew up with her natural pretty appearance and is now loved by many fans as a member of ITZY.

Itzy Ryujin
itzy ryujin

Fans who saw Ryujin’s past photos showed great interest and left comments like, “She’s so cute. She has stood out since a young age”, “She has a mischievous personality“, and “Her face is the same as she is now.”

Meanwhile, Ryujin, born in 2001, debuted as a member of ITZY in 2019 and embarked on the path of a Kpop idol.

Itzy Ryujin
itzy ryujin-31120222

It is also known that before making her debut in ITZY, Ryujin showed off her versatility and acting skills by briefly appearing in a minor role in the 2017 movie “The King”.

Itzy ryujin
itzy ryujin-31120222
itzy ryujin-31120222

Ryujin, who has been unique since childhood, entered the entertainment industry through street casting. In particular, she caught the eyes of a JYP representation while going to a concert of boy group GOT7, and ended up being casted. 

itzy charles and keith

With her gorgeous looks, Ryujin also drew attention for bearing strong resemblances with actress Han So Hee. 

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