“He played Shin Min Ah’s husband”… The unexpected past of “The Glory” Jung Sung Il

Netizens’ reaction to actor Jung Sung Il, who plays Ha Do Yeong in Netflix’s “The Glory”, is hot.

Actor Jung Sung Il, who plays Ha Do Yeong, was born in 1980. After debuting at the age of 20 and serving in the military, he participated in plays such as “Fool of The River”, “Liar”, “Sheer Madness”, “Fantasy Couple”, “Dramatic Night”, “Unchain” and “Mio Fratello”.

He also appeared in many dramas, including “The Return of Iljimae (MBC)”, “Different Dreams (MBC)” and “Woman of 9.9 Billion (KBS2)”.

jung sung il

In tvN’s drama “Stranger 2”, which aired in 2020, he left a deep impression as Managing Director Park, Lee Yeon Jae (Yoon Se Ah)’s right-hand man.

In tvN’s drama “Bad and Crazy”, which aired in 2021, he appeared alongside actress Kim Hieora, who is currently appearing as Lee Sa Ra in “The Glory“.

jung sung il

In “Bad and Crazy”, Kim Hieora took on the role of Boss Yong, the main villain, and Jung Sung Il played Shin Ju Hyeok, a therapist of a youth center.

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In tvN’s drama “Our Blues“, which aired in 2022, Jung Sung Il played the role of Kim Tae Hoon, who married Min Seon Ah (Shin Min Ah) but got divorced due to Seon Ah’s depression.


Finally, in “The Glory”, he plays Ha Do Yeong, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon)’s husband and the CEO of a construction company. Ha Do Yeong is basically a complex character whose humanity is not bad, but has an unique arrogance to the upper class.

His perfect life has a crack after he knows Park Yeon Jin’s past and learns that Ha Ye Sol is not his daughter.


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