It’s already 2018 but EXO-L are still mad as EXO is criticized for lip-syncing

EXO-L listed EXO’s excellent live performances to defend against Knet’s accusation of “lip-syncing due to being untalented” over the last time

After a series of year-end music festivals of big broadcasters, “live or lip-sync” or “MR or Live AR” of idol groups suddenly became hot topics for discussion on online forums. According to the performance list in each show, those groups who were affirmed to perform live were much praised, while those who were considered as “lip-syncing” received lots of criticism though the truth hadn’t been revealed.
EXO-L listed EXO’s excellent live performances to defend against Knet’s accusation of “lip-syncing due to being untalented” over the last time
Looking back at some recent shows, it’s easy for us to realize that EXO is the biggest victim of “live or lip-sync” discussions. After the performance list was spread, Korean netizens together “threw bricks” at this boygroup from SM. EXO was even compared to other groups such as BTS and MAMAMOO who were believed to perform live 100% just to ironize that EXO was not “at the same level” with them. Moreover, many netizens also affirmed EXO had to regularly “lip-sync” like that because… they were not able to sing live.
EXO-L listed EXO’s excellent live performances to defend against Knet’s accusation of “lip-syncing due to being untalented” over the last time
Too mad at these foolish accusations, EXO’s fandom kept fighting to protect their idols and to prove that they were totally qualified enough to sing live, even excellently. Recently, on an online forum, an EXO-L listed EXO’s most excellent live performances to prove that the accusation of “lip-sync due to being untalented” was just a negative opinion of some Knetizens who had already hated EXO before.
Here is the list of EXO’s live performances listed in the fan’s post:
MR Removed “Power”

KBS Gayo Daechukje 2016

Attached to this list, the fan also wrote: “You guys can click on those links and listen to them. You will realize that EXO members are all talented idols. And this was one of their interview. The interviewer said: “Your skills are really fabulous. As I am a producer, it can be very stressful whenever we have to record”. He meant that he totally acknowledged their talents”.
This fan also said: “I know that the performance list was quickly spread and caused a lot of controversies, but in fact, it was “open mic”. If they really lip-synced, you would have surely notice an icon on the top of your screen. EXO is successful right now thanks to their hard working, so please don’t underestimate their efforts. I hope I can clear up some misunderstandings with this post”.
Below the post, many netizens left comments to show that they agreed with the writer and said that people had been too strict to EXO during the last time. Besides that, many people affirmed we couldn’t say EXO lip-synced at year-end music shows while all evidences were just performance lists spread online.
– I think that it’s true that a lot of people disregard EXO’s talent because their visuals bury it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Personally, I think that each member really have a special voice color and they all have use very good techniques when singing, they’re talented in my opinion. Our country’s people always associate a good performance with “they must be bad singers” and this is a disease. EXO’s skills are underrated
– Please… does this look like it’s lipsynced? His blood veins are all out because he’s singing with all his might, do you have any shame saying that they don’t work hard? ㅋㅋㅋ
– People say that since they hate EXO-Ls they must hate on EXO too. Please stop saying this, it’s just disgusting, it has nothing to do with EXO and they might be hurt because of that, and all the posts you read about EXO-Ls actions may not be facts
– But one thing I’m really curious is that, how can people prove that they’re lipsyncing even before their stage has even started?
-What I’ve always found weird is that why does it only applies to EXO that when another group’s fan praises them, they must show proofs

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