Min Hee-jin Called a “Villain” and “Psychopath” by HYBE and SM Employees?

Negative comments about Min Hee-jin from HYBE and SM employees are resurfacing amid recent controversies. 

Recently, Min Hee-jin, the CEO of ADOR and producer of NewJeans, came under fire for being “ungrateful” towards HYBE. In particular, the CEO is being investigated for leaks of confidential documents and trade secrets in an attempt to boost ADOR’s independence from HYBE, at the same time being requested to resign from her position. 

min hee jin-newjean

Amid these controversies, old comments from HYBE employees and those under SM Entertainment – where Min Hee-jin used to work, have resurfaced. 

In particular, on the workers’ forum Blind, which requires company emails to create accounts, various comments calling Min Hee-jin a “villain” and a “psychopath” can be found. 

Below are some comments regarding Min Hee-jin from HYBE and SM employees, as compiled by a trending topic on the Korean forum Instiz. 

  • (HYBE employee) She’s the most evil villain. An actual crazy b*tch. 
  • (HYBE employee) Not sure how she is at ADOR but everyone in HYBE is intimidated by her 
  • (HYBE employee) She’s a person with nothing but evil in her mind
  • (SM employee) I wouldn’t want to work with her ever again even if I die
  • (SM employee) Don’t believe in the image she shows on broadcast

Source: Instiz, VKR

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