Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang to appear in MBC’s fantasy romance “The Season of Kokdu”

“The Season of Kokdu” has confirmed the casting of actors Kim Jung-hyun, Im Soo-hyang and is in the process of filming.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The Season of Kokdu” is a fantasy medical human drama in which Kokdu, a grim reaper who takes a break from his job in the underworld every 99 years, meets Han Gye-jeol, a female doctor who has a mysterious ability.

Expectations are heating up as writers Kang Yi-heon and Heo Joon-woo, who opened the horizon for unique crime thrillers with the drama “Less Than Evil”, director Baek Soo-chan of “Alice”, “Reunited Worlds”, “Beautiful Gong Shim” and director Kim Ji-hoon of “Check Out The Event” will work together to portray a special romance story that goes back and forth between this world and the next world.

On top of that, Kim Jung-hyun, who shows impressive acting skills in each work, and Im Soo-hyang, who has played various characters regardless of genre, will work together to create the most mysterious yet romantic season in the world.

First of all, Kim Jung-hyun plays Kokdu, an eccentric guide of the underworld. Kokdu is a high-ranking grim reaper who is the only being to exist in the underworld. Every 99 years, the cold and cruel Kokdu must take a break from his job in the underworld and spend 49 days in the mortal realm. And this time, he winds up inhabiting the body of the human Do Jin-woo.

Im Soo-hyang plays Han Gye-jeol, a fellow in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Hankuk University Hospital who will be involved with Kokdu. After losing her mother at a young age, Han Gye-jeol, who has no one to turn to except for her younger brother, gets smaller and smaller in the eyes of society. Do Jin-woo appears in front of her and a big change comes to her daily life.

Viewers are paying attention to the chemistry that Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang will show together, as well as the start of the strange relationship between Kokdu and Han Gye-jeol. They are looking forward to the first episode of “The Season of Kokdu” to see if the two will be able to settle in love.

The production team of “The Season of Kokdu” said, “Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang’s passionate acting is making the filming site more lively. The two actors and everyone involved in the filming process are trying to create a good work, so we ask for your interest and anticipation for ‘The Season of Kokdu’, which will be completed with the helping hands of many people.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The Season of Kokdu” is currently being filmed.

Source: daum

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