“BTS’ crown is very heavy, but it’s a precious and blessed thing,” said RM

RM, the leader of BTS, expressed his thoughts and mindset on “living as BTS”.

On December 18th, BTS appeared in the segment “Meet the News” (literal translation) of KBS 1TV’s “KBS News 9”. 

Here, news anchor Lee Jae Seok mentioned the lyrics in RM’s recently released solo album and said, “There are phrases that give us a glimpse into your inner self”. 


Regarding this, RM replied, “Among the viewers who are watching this, I think there are some people who are curious about ‘what it is like to live as BTS’.” The male idol then mentioned the experience of hearing the shouts of 50,000 to 60,000 spectators in person, revealing that it feels “deafening” and at one point, “everything seems to escape like a low tide”. 

“As the individual Kim Nam Joon, sometimes I find myself in the honorable position to appear in the news and do interviews, but upon returning home, I become a regular person who likes books and painting,” RM said, adding, “I think I’ve always focused on balancing these two aspects. These are phrases that come from my experiences, so they [the lyrics] become my diary.”  


Then, when asked the reason why he feels empty, RM responded that it is a “cliché-like phrase”. “Those who wear the crown, must endure its weight. As many people can imagine, BTS’ crown is very heavy, but it’s such a precious and blessed thing. I am a very fortunate person”, he said. 

Finally, RM expressed, “I’m willing to accept fate. Rather than thinking that the crown is heavy and uncomfortable, that ‘I’m depressed’ or ‘I’m having a hard time’, I want to show you how I face fate.” 

Source: Nate

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