Sung Yu-ri recalled her husband proposing when she thought they had already broken up

Sung Yu-ri mentioned an anecdote from her relationship with her husband.

On KBS 2TV ‘Can We Recall The Break Up?’ which first aired on July 11, Sung Yu-ri asked the cast, “Assuming that you both are single, what would it be like if your ex-lover came back to find you?

Jang Young-ran said, “I think it would be really nice. I think I’ll like it, wondering if he was still thinking about me. I think my self-esteem will rise sharply,” she replied.

Sung Yu-ri said, “I broke up with my husband for a while. I thought we had broken up, but my husband said we were just on a break, not break up. We didn’t contact each other for about three to four weeks,” she said.

Jang Young-ran asked, “Did you do that without saying let’s break up?” and Sung Yu-ri said, “I didn’t contact him because I was angry, but my husband didn’t contact me either. I thought we broke up, but then he brought a gift and did something like a proposal to me and later we got married.”

Source: daum

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