aespa Winter urgently cancels live broadcast due to earthquake and tsunami in Japan “K-pop concert pushes ahead”

According to Japan’s public broadcaster NHK on Jan 2nd, aftershocks continue in the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture, where a magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurred on Jan 1st.

In response to the significant earthquake damage in Japan, K-pop idols urgently canceled their planned live broadcasts. On Jan 1st, aespa Winter, who planned to communicate with fans through a live broadcast on her birthday, said, “MY (fandom name)! While I was preparing for the live broadcast, I heard the news that a big earthquake occurred in Japan. I hope everyone is safe and sound!

Winter added, “Today’s live broadcast is not happening, but since it was our promise, I will definitely keep it. Let’s pray that we all stay safe today!

Former April member Kim Chaewon stated in both Korean and Japanese, “Due to the news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, today’s planned TikTok live broadcast will be postponed. If you are in Japan, please be careful!

K-Pop Masterz × KROSS vol.3

Meanwhile, the event “K-Pop Masterz × KROSS vol.3” is scheduled to take place as planned at Vantelin Dome Nagoya in Nagoya, Japan. The organizer stated, “After careful consultation, ‘K-Pop Masterz × KROSS vol.3’ will be held. Our staff will prepare to ensure that it can be held safely.”

Source: Daum

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