VIXX Ravi suspected of being the idol rapper who got military service exemption through brokers… Agency can’t be contacted

While VIXX Ravi is embroiled in allegations of cheating on military service through brokers, his agency remains silent.

On January 12th, Joy News24 contacted Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N but there was no answer.

Earlier, a group of brokers was recently arrested on charges of providing service to help individuals receive military service exemption and they revealed the name of an idol rapper as one of their clients. According to media reports, this rapper dropped out of a famous entertainment program in May last year then returned in September, and later enlisted as a social service worker in October.


The mentioned idol rapper turns out to be VIXX Ravi, who joined the army as a social service worker in October after dropping out of KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night” last year. Hearing the news, many people were shocked as Ravi was so well-loved for his youthful and kind image through various entertainment shows and talk shows.

Amid the intensifying controversy, Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N decides to remain silent.

Meanwhile, former military official Goo, the key figure in a recent military service scandal, is known to have set up an office in Gangnam, Seoul, and provided information and method to receive military exemptions. In particular, Goo is known to have advised his clients to get fake Epilepsy (a neurological disorder) diagnosis certifications in order to be exempted from military service.

According to the investigation, Goo and another broker Kim received tens of millions of won to up to 100 million won in military service commission fees. The prosecution is expanding the investigation, claiming that about 70 people have dodged military service through brokers like Goo and Kim.

Source: Nate

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