Once going to the hospital 6 days in a row, Jessi concerned fans again as she continued to take an IV recently

Jessi recently updated her status through a picture of the IV, causing fans to worry about her health condition.

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On September 23, Jessie uploaded a photo on her Instagram without any caption.

The released a photo contains an IV. Fans have suspected that Jessi had to take an IV at the hospital again. Earlier in January, after revealing that she had an IV injection, Jessie said, “I went to the hospital for 6 consecutive days”. At that time, fans worried that Jessie’s health was affected by her overworking and sent a huge wave of support to her. However, they are showing great concern because the situation has happened again.

Meanwhile, Jessie released “What Type of X” on March and is currently appearing on tvN’s show “Sixth Sense 2”

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