Actress Lee Min Jung, wife of Lee Byung Hun, reunited with her ex-husband?

Lee Min Jung recently met her on-screen ex-husband, actor Lee Sang Yeop. 

On June 6th, actress Lee Min Jung posted a photo on her SNS with the caption “Gyu Jin and Na Hee’s reunion”.  The picture shows Lee Min Jung and Lee Sang Yeop at a theater and posing with V signs. Both were wearing masks but their happy expressions were as clear as day. 

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung and Lee Sang Yeop previously co-starred in the 2020 K-drama “Once Again”, where they played a couple who fell in love after divorce.   Netizens reacted enthusiastically to this photo, writing comments like “I miss the Na-Gyu couple”, “I still can’t forget Na Hee and Gyu Jin”, and “I’ve been waiting for this shot since forever”. 

Lee Min Jung married famous actor Lee Byung Hun in 2013, and has since given birth to a son. 

Source: Nate

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