G-Dragon’s comeback teaser image reminds netizens of these two SM beauties

G-Dragon’s teaser photo is attracting the attention of many fans.

Ever since YG Entertainment confirmed BIGBANG’s comeback after 4 years, all information about the comeback of the top Kpop boy group has always received the attention of the online community. On March 23, the teaser photo as well as the date and time of the group’s comeback were released.

The first poster is pretty simple and doesn’t reveal any of the members’ faces

On March 26, people continued to be excited with the teaser photo of G-Dragon being released. The individual teaser photo of the BIGBANG leader still follows the same concept as the previously announced group photo, with a polaroid design with the song title and comeback date and time.

G-Dragon was first to release a teaser photo for BIGBANG’s upcoming comeback

The teaser image is very artistic, but what catches the attention of fans is G-Dragon‘s long hair. For the most part, fans are extremely interested in BIGBANG’s leader’s stylish hair because his image is always so unique every comeback.

In addition, many netizens were amused as they realized the resemblance of GD and Wendy (Red Velvet), and SNSD’s leader Taeyeon.

 People keep mentioning Red Velvet’s Wendy
SNSD Taeyeon
 And Taeyeon under the post of G-Dragon’s teaser photo

BIGBANG will officially return to the music industry with the title song “Still Life” at 0:00 on April 5. The top Kpop group’s comeback after many years of absence is receiving the anticipation of many fans around the world.

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