Female star who takes over the Korean screen in early 2023: The actress appeared in four film projects, with two dramas garnering two-digit ratings 

The actress is on the roll with new projects and appearances in 3 dramas and 1 movie at the same time. 

Nearly two months have passed but Kim Mi Kyung has appeared in four well-known porjects, with 3 dramas as a hard-working mothers of the protagonists. 

1. Agency

Kim Mi Kyung
Kim Mi Kyung

“Agency” is one of the highest-rated cable TV series that reached 11.95% and has not shown any sign of stopping. In the series, Kim Mi Kyung plays Seo Eun Ja, mother of the female lead, Ah In (Lee Bo Young). Their mother-daughter’s relationship was severed when Ah In was 7 years old when her mother left her with Ah In’s relatives. Afterwards, Seo Eun Ja lives alone and makes ends meet at a restaurant. When her daughter becomes an executive member, she feels relieved and regretful at the same time. She proceeds to work as a janitor at her daughter’s company to feel closer to her. 

2. Crash Course in Romance

Kim Mi Kyung

“Crash Course in Romance” surpassed “Agency” with a rating of 13,5%. In the drama, Kim Mi Kyung also takes on the role of a mother, Jung Yeong Sun, restaurant owner and mother of the female lead Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon). Kim Mi Kyung’s role was minor in the series as she passed away from a road accident during her chase after her older daughter. Nonetheless, she is a string that connects her daughter, Haeng Seon and the math instructor, Choi Chi Yeol. In the past, it was her who helped and encouraged Chi Yeol during his toughest times with her dishes. 

3. Trolley

Kim Mi Kyung
Kim Mi Kyung

Kim Mi Kyung brought an entirely new image on “Trolley” as Woo Jin Seok, a strong, powerful and influential figure in politics. The role is a rare case for the actress in recent years when she decided to break out of her “motherly” mold. 

4. Switch 

Kim Mi Kyung

Apart from television dramas, Kim Mi Kyung also appeared in the movie “Switch” as the mother of the male lead Park Gang (Kwon Sang Woo). 

Image: JTBC, Hancinema

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