“Twinkling Watermelon” Yoon Jae-chan’s Wide Acting Spectrum: From Harshness To Genius Bassist

Actor Yoon Jae-chan showcased his wide acting spectrum

Yoon Jae-chan is currently playing the role of genius bassist Kang Hyeon-yul in the ongoing tvN drama “Twinkling Watermelon”.

“Twinkling Watermelon” tells the story about a CODA (child of deaf adult) boy with a natural talent for music, who travels back in time to 1995. He joins a band with his childhood father and forms a band called Watermelon Sugar with the suspicious youths he meets there, and communicates with them through music.

Hyeon-yul, the genius bassist of the Baegwang High School band, joined the band’s First Love Memory Operation Team after being persuaded by Yi-chan (Choi Hyun-wook), who vowed to recruit famous guitarist Yoon Dong-jin (Kim Jun-hyung). However, Yi-chan’s brag proved to be an empty promise, and the band faced a survival crisis before even starting when the recruitment of the guitarist failed.

To bring Eun-gyeol (Ryeoun) into the fold, Hyeon-yul engaged in a guitar-playing battle with Eun-gyeol. True to the moniker “genius bassist”, Hyeon-yul created an exciting competitive dynamic with his brilliant bass skills, and the audience erupted in cheers during their performances.

Hyeon-yul treated the members harshly, but passionately worked on promoting the band and practicing out of love for music.

Through playing the role of Kang Hyeon-yul, who is cold on the outside but has a deeper love for music and the band than anyone else, Yoon Jae-chan raised expectations for his future activities.

Yoon Jae-chan began his full-fledged acting career last year by starring in the branded Shorts drama “Set Set Nam Nyeo (셋셋남녀)”. He recently gained attention for his impressive performance in tvN X TVING’s project “O’PENing 2023: Summer, Love Machine Blues”.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Twinkling Watermelon” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM.

Source: Daum

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