Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband faces property seizure due to unpaid living expenses

Koo Jun Yup’s wife, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, applied to court over her ex-husband’s unpaid living expenses.

According to Taiwan Mirror Weekly on November 21st, Barbie Hsu‘s ex-husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, stopped paying the living expenses promised in the couple’s divorce agreement from last March. He is reportedly owing Barbie Hsu about 5 million Chinese yuan (almost 700,000 USD). 

Wang Xiaofei-Barbie Hsu

Accordingly, the Taipei District Court ruled that if there is clear evidence of non-payment, some of Wang Xiaofei’s assets in Taiwan will be seized.

It is reported that Barbie Hsu’s side filed an application to the court for enforcement, arguing that Wang Xiaofei had agreed to pay her living expenses when they divorced in November 2021. However, this payment stopped when Barbie Hsu married Koo Jun Yup (also known as DJ Koo) in March of 2022.

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If the court’s seizure judgment is executed, Wang Xiaofei’s assets, including Taipei hotels, could be seized or put up for auction. However, if Wang Xiaofei repays Barbie Hsu for the unpaid amount, the seizure and auction will not proceed.

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Actress Barbie Hsu, well-known as the main character in the Taiwanese version of “Boys Over Flowers”, ended her relationship with Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in November 2021 after 10 years of marriage. Then, Barbie Hsu reunited with her former lover, Koo Jun Yup, filed a marriage report in February 2022, and made the remarriage official in March.

Source: Dispatch

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