Han So-hee Draws Attention with New “Couple Photo”, “I Like You”

After her “love drama”, Han So-hee is once again the talk of town with her latest SNS update - a “couple photo”. 

On the morning of April 22, Han So-hee stirred up social media by posting a “couple photo” showing 2 heads leaning together, implying the image of 2 people lying together. 

Prior to this photo, the actress also published a picture of herself with the sticker “I like you,” making netizens even more curious about who the 2 people lying next to each other are. 

han so hee
Han So-hee posted a photo with the sticker “I like you”…
han so hee
… along with a photo of the heads of 2 people lying next to each other, causing people to speculate.

As it turns out, the person lying next to Han So-hee is actress Jeon Jong-seo, as Han So-hee tagged her in the photo. Since Jeon Jong-seo has been embroiled in a school violence controversy, however, comments have been mixed.

Previously, Han So-hee became the talk of town for her “love drama” with actor Ryu Jun-yeol and his ex-lover Hyeri. At the time, Han So-hee repeatedly jabbed at Hyeri after the latter posted a story with the caption “Interesting” after the news of Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol’s relationship. 

han so hee-ryu jun yeol-hyeri

At the time, Han So-hee was even suspected of having “interfered” with Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol’s relationship, which lasted for years. In the end, after Han So-hee’s various agitated actions, the “love drama” ended with her and Ryu Jun-yeol going their separate ways. 

Since the love triangle drama unfolded, the actress has been rather erratic in her behavior. While Hyeri only spoke up once, and Ryu Jun-yeol relied on his company to make a statement, Han So-hee constantly writes and deletes posts, leaving weird comments, leading to a stream of criticisms towards the actress. 

han so hee thumbnail
Han So-hee’s controversial actions since her “love drama” drew a lot of criticisms 

Source: Instagram, Nate, K14

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