Turns out that non-Korean idols have their own ‘foreign lines’

‘Foreign lines’ among K-pop idol groups

Sharing both K-pop dreams and origins, many foreign idols have grouped together to form their ‘lines’. As we can see, there are Thai lines, Chinese lines, U.S lines, to name a few…


Thailand is the home country of many trending idols. Recently in a photo-shoot and interview with a grand magazine, Bambam (GOT7) has revealed his close relationship with other Thai idols including Lisa (BlackPink), Ten (NCT) and Sorn (CLC).
Bambam mentions his close group of Thai idols
He says: ‘Actually, we have a group chat including the Thai idols and we all know each other. We live nearby each other and meet very often. Lisa and I always greet each other when we attend the same event. Ten (NCT) is currently with SM Entertainment so we hardly meet since his company is quite strict. As of Sorn (CLC), we meet very often’.
A proof picture of their close friendship
When fans came to know about this, they were curious about what these idols usually share in that interesting group chat. Furthermore, they all look forward to a collaboration stage between these talented idols.


A third of TWICE are from Japan. Sharing the same origin and promoting under the same group, Momo, Sana and Mina have grouped to form the much beloved ‘Japanese line’. Training together under JYP, going together through the survival program Sixteen and now shining together under the name TWICE, the three girls have become inseparable.
TWICE’s Japanese line.


Speaking of China, we can’t forget NCT’s Chinese line, including Winwin, Renjun, Chenle, Kun and Lucas. NCT’s Chinese line not only consists of all visuals that draw fans to the group but also always gives fans heart attacks with videos of themselves playing around with each other.
NCT’s Chinese line


Although not all of them were born in the U.S, Amber, Eric Nam, Kevin Woo and Alex (High4) spent a long period living in this country. Their hanging-out photos are always full of the American spirit.
Picture of U.S line hanging out, full of spirit


Not many people know of the fact that a lot of K-pop idols come from this far country. A lot of Canadian-born idols have gathered at SM Entertainment, including Henry (Super Junior), Wendy (Red Velvet), or Mark (NCT). Sharing both origins and company, these idols seem to have met often to share talks about their lives and work.
SM Entertainment’s Canadian line
Coming from the same countries, these foreign idol ‘lines’ are completely close and good match of each other. Each line has its own color, but each of them shares the same thing: adorableness. Maybe that’s the reason why these groups are so well-loved.

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