Crayon Pop ChoA will become a Christmas bride, getting married to a businessman today (Dec 25th)

ChoA (real name Heo Min-jin), a former of girl group Crayon Pop, is getting married.

On December 25th, the wedding of ChoA and a non-celebrity businessman 6 years older than her will be held in Seoul. ChoA and her fiancé met each other for the first time 3 years ago through the introduction of an acquaintance. Talking about her soon-to-be husband, ChoA said, “Immediately after meeting him for the first time, I felt like I met the ideal type that I had always imagined.”

Crayon Pop ChoA getting married

Comedian Lee Se-young will host their wedding. ChoA made her debut as the main vocalist of Crayon Pop in 2012. She also worked actively in various musical plays, such as “Princess Deokhye” and “Hero”. Currently working as a Youtuber, ChoA recently appeared in Season 1 of JTBC’s “Sing Again – Unknown Singer”.

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