aespa’s Giselle in Hot Water for Alleged Disrespect Towards IVE ft. Netizens’ Reaction 

aespa’s Giselle is under scrutiny for her reaction to IVE’s acceptance speech at the 2023 Melon Music Awards

A recent trending post on the online community Nate Pann accused aespa’s Giselle of intentionally looking bored during IVE’s acceptance speech. She was rubbing her eyes, crossing her arms, adjusting her hair, and fixing her outfit.

However, in the comment section, Korean netizens swiftly defended Giselle, arguing that these actions are part of natural human behavior and should not be misconstrued as disrespect. 

Some pointed out that idols’ moments of tiredness or casual behavior should be understood without jumping to conclusions about their professionalism, suggesting that some people might be overreacting and projecting negativity.

Netizens left comments: 

  • This is completely normal. I’m a fan of IVE, but why do people post things like this?
  • Stop exaggerating to hate on her… I’ve come across several similar posts already.
  • It’s ridiculous to single out Giselle for crossing her legs and leaning back. Many top idols are the same at awards. 
  • aespa seems to be really thriving these days. 
  • Giselle laughed because Karina’s stomach rumbled in the video.

Source: KB

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