Netizens Defend aespa Against Accusation of Unprofessionalism

aespa was accused of unprofessionalism, but netizens stepped up to defend them

On December 5, a topic titled “Does aespa not know how to distinguish between public and private settings” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing attention. 


In particular, the author of the topic attached various footage of aespa talking amongst themselves at the 2023 MMA (MelOn Music Awards) and questioned the girl group’s professionalism. 

“NewJeans and other groups listen intently while holding their breath. Except for Ningning, why is aespa so unable to concentrate consistently? They keep laughing and talking and being distracted, I wonder if this is polite to other groups”, the author said. 


They also added, “Especially Karina. Isn’t she the eldest sister and leader of the group?

Why does she keep talking to Winter and Giselle next to her?”, claiming that aepsa is talking and laughing every 10 seconds.

Finally, the author accused aespa of being unprofessional and not knowing to distinguish between public and private settings. 


However, while several people agreed with the author, most netizens defended aespa. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I’m a fan of IVE, and when I watched the full video, I realized how bullshit your words were. All I can see was people reacting to IVE’s speech and being moved by it. Are you an anti-fan of aespa? Why can’t you mind your own favorite?
  • This poster has been publishing posts like this since yesterday, deleting the posts when people criticized them, and now re-uploading for the 3rd time… You are trying really hard to spread hate against aespa
  • Isn’t there a video of Winter feeling sad while listening to IVE? Isn’t this footage intentionally cut?
  • I don’t think aespa were listening seriously when Rei and Gaeul were giving their speech…
  • There sure are a lot of scums who have an inferiority complex towards female idols like aespa and want to ruin them.. You are creepy

Source: Pann Nate

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