A 4th gen female idol whose visuals are said to have peaked these days 

ITZY’s Chaeryeong has created a buzz lately after changing her style. 

Recently, on various Korean online communities, photos of ITZY’s Chaeryeong during the group’s latest promotions for “SNEAKERS” were posted and drew much attention. 

itzy chaeryeong

During ITZY’s previous activities, Chaeryeong had red hair. For this comeback, she dyed her hair black and has created much buzz for her gorgeous visuals. Different moments of Chaeryeong on stage with black hair went viral this time. 

itzy chaeryeong

Netizens left comments admiring Chaeryeong’s upgraded visuals:

  • “She has really fair skin so black hair suits her well”
  • “SNEAKERS promotion is really the peak of Chaeryeong’s visuals”
  • “I think she’s the prettiest ITZY member these days”
  • “Her red hair was the prettiest, but black hair also looks good on her”
itzy chaeryeong

Meanwhile, ITZY ranked 8th on the US Billboard main chart Billboard 200 with their 5th mini album “CHECKMATE” and the title track “SNEAKERS” released on July 15th. 

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