UEE to make her return to KBS weekend drama after 4 years 

Actress UEE announced her comeback in a KBS weekend drama for the first time in more than four years.

UEE, who helped the 2019 drama “My Only One” record the viewer rating peak of 49.6%, recently confirmed her appearance in the new weekend series “Hyo Shim’s individual life” (literal title).


“Hyo Shim’s individual life” is a family liberation drama that depicts the process of Hyo Shim, a daughter who has dedicated her life to her family with her naturally kind personality and warm empathy, breaking away from her family that hinders her potential to grow and living an independent life, while the family members who have relied on Hyo Shim’s dedication and sacrifice also find their own directions in life. The production brings together KBS weekend drama ‘hitmaker’ writer Cho Jung Sun, who created “My Too Perfect Sons” and “Mother of Mine”,  and director Kim Hyung Il, who directed “Taejong Lee Bang Won”.

UEE has been cast to play the lead role of Lee Hyo Shim in this drama. Hyo Shim is the third daughter who took on the responsibility of supporting her mother, two older brothers, and younger brother after their father suddenly disappeared and left all his debts behind. Seeing her mother’s tears and pain secretly sobbing all night long since her husband left, Hyo Shim, who was the only one in the family who could understand the pain, devoted herself to her family. Hyo Shim has been exceptionally good at physical activities since she was young and there is no sport she cannot play, so she immediately got a job as a fitness trainer after graduating from high school. She is now working at a fitness center in Gangnam and taking care of her family.


UEE has built up her acting skills in “My Only One” with her character, who stands up firmly no matter what trials she faces, and even earned the nickname “Queen of Tears” for her impressive crying acting. She led the golden age of KBS weekend dramas by helping the drama reach a rating of nearly 50%. In addition, many of the works in UEE’s filmography have recorded two-digit viewership. In “Hyo Shim’s individual life”, UEE, who is known as a celebrity with a nice physique, is expected to perfectly suit the role of a kind, warm, and mentally healthy fitness trainer. This is why her comeback as “Weekend drama rating queen” is even more anticipated.

The production team said, “UEE will return to KBS weekend drama after such a long time. We think she is the best actress for the lead character Hyo Shim and we can’t think of any other person. We are looking forward to her performances.”


They continued, “The story of this drama depicts Hyo Shim, who sacrificed her life for her family, beginning to value herself and pursue an independent life. Through this, we aim to convey the meaning of the relationship between parents and children in today’s society”.

Finally, they added, “In the end, the process of Hyo Shim realizing that valuing herself is the way to truly protect her family will draw sympathy from viewers living in this era.”

“Hyo Shim’s individual life” will premiere in the second half of 2023 as the follow-up series to “The Real Has Come!”.

Source: Daum

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