Seo Ye-ji, the fingertips of temptation towards Park Byung-eun, promising a fatal and passionate melodrama

The first teaser video of tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve” has been released.

“Eve,” which will broadcast its 1st episode on May 25th, is a high-class emotional drama that depicts a 13-year plan for revenge in the most intense and deadly plan that will destroy the top 0.1% of Korea. The drama is directed by director Park Bong-seop, who is recognized for his solid directing skills through “Drama Stage 2020-Blackout” and “The Uncanny Counter,” written by writer Yoon Young-mi, who wrote the dramas “One Well Raised Daughter,” and “The Birth of a Good Witch,” and starring actors Seo Ye-ji, Park Byung-eun, Yoo Seon-yeop and Lee Sang-yeop.


Seo Ye-ji plays Lee Ra-el, a deadly woman who has planned her revenge since her father’s shocking death when she was still a child. Park Byung-eun plays Kang Yoon-gyeom, the CEO of the No. 1 business group LY Group, who has been faithful only to his home and work through thorough self-management. Rael wants to destroy Yoon-gyeom, one of the culprits who destroyed her family, but Yoon-gyeom falls in love and chooses danger after meeting Ra-el.

“Eve” released the first teaser video on April 29th, drawing attention. The released teaser video opens the door with Ra-el’s seductive tango stage on a precarious melody, providing an overwhelming sense of immersion.

Ra-el then approaches Yoon-gyeom and announces the prelude to a deadly revenge drama, drawing attention. When the fingertips of Ra-el and Yoon-gyeom touched, Yoon-gyeom, who shows his alertness, and Ra-el, who smiled softly, cross each other and stop breathing. Soon after, Ra-el passed by Yoon-gyeom and smiles meaningfully, forming a cold tension.

Above all, Ra-el‘s narration, “In the hottest moment, I’ll break you down to the coldest,” and Ra-el‘s passionate tango stage, which shines through her cold and intense eyes, overwhelms the viewers. As a result, interest in Ra-el‘s revenge drama, which will be fatal to Yoon-gyeom‘s life, is increasing.

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