Min Hee-jin Leaked Artist Information to Target HYBE Idols? 

In order to bring negative attention to HYBE, Min Hee-jin and fellow ADOR executives allegedly target HYBE idols. 

Recently, Min Hee-jin, the CEO of ADOR and producer of NewJeans, came under fire for being “ungrateful” towards HYBE. In particular, the CEO is being investigated for leaks of confidential documents and trade secrets in an attempt to boost ADOR’s independence from HYBE, at the same time being requested to resign from her position. 

min hee jin

Regarding this news, media outlets reported that ADOR executives have been planning to seize management rights from HYBE since early this year. According to the press, ADOR executives plan to aggravate public opinion about HYBE, forcing HYBE to sell its 80% stake in ADOR to investors friendly to the current ADOR management.

In order to achieve this, ADOR executives not only leak confidential documents and trade secrets, but also reveal personal information of HYBE idols and employees. 

Additionally, as a card to pressure HYBE, negative public opinion about HYBE artists and appeasement of artists’ parents were secretly carried out.

Fans who learned about this information have been largely shocked and express severe disappointment in Min Hee-jin and the ADOR management alike. 

Source: Naver, X

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