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“20th Century Hit Song” Kim Hee-chul Almost Slapped By Ji Ye-eun For Saying Irene Looks Younger Than Her

Episode 201 of KBS Joy’s program “20th Century Hit Song”, which aired on February 2nd, revealed behind-the-scenes stories of four-member groups representing the Korean music industry in their times. 

The 5th name that the program introduced was the mixed-gender group Two Two consisting of members of the same age who debuted at the age of 22. They became popular with the song “One and a half”, which was released in 1994 and rose to 1st place in Youtube’s K-pop Top 10. “Two Two’s mascot” Hwang Hye-young is the guest vocalist who joined the group late.

kim hee chul

After watching a video of “One and a half” cover performance by actor Park Bo-gum and Red Velvet’s Irene, Kim Hee-chul was surprised to know that his co-MC Ji Ye-eun is younger than Irene. Expressing her disappointment, Ji Ye-eun said, “I also look very young. Why are you reacting like that? Writer, I look young”.

kim hee chul

However, Kim Hee-chul said, “Irene is exceptionally young, but Ye-eun doesn’t look that young”. Frustrated by Kim Hee-chul’s comment, Ji Ye-eun punished him by acting as if she was slapping him.

Source: Daum

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